Tenga U.S. Original Vacuum – male masturbator (gentle)


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The Masturbator U.S. Original Vacuum Cup from Tenga is in a discreet cup design and it is now in a U.S. version (Ultra Size) – an extra large and easy-to-hold size for an amazing and comfortable hand/blow job with intense suction. It is suitable for any larger/longer penises.

The disposable masturbator can be used straight away. After the soft entrance, the penis is then covered in a lot of Premium lubricant which means that no additional lubricant is needed. The different textures inside with various diameters massage the penis very intensely. The innovative vacuum opening at the end of the masturbator provides wonderful sucking feelings – just like during an amazing blow job. Once the sticker has been removed from the vacuum opening, a finger can be used to cover or uncover the opening (depending on what the person using it prefers).

The U.S. Original Vacuum Cup from Tenga comes in 3 colours and the inner texture comes in 3 different levels of hardness:
White = Gentle
Red = Regular
Black = Strong

18.1 cm long, outer Ø 8 cm, inner Ø 2.2 cm (flexible).